Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a dreary day in heaven...is still heaven

Tuesday the 18th was a lazy day. The weather was dreary, and the bodies were equally. We sat on the porch and watched the rain come down. A terrible day in Chamonix is still a beautiful day--beautful, relaxing; one in the same.

After heading out into the rain for a run with Rickeyand Nora, Nora didnt seem to keen on drudging up a mountain in the pissing rain. We ran up a mountain (at the base o Chamonix, keep in mind!) where, eight feet in front of you, the trail was at eye height. What is that, 25%-30%? Whatever it is, damn steep! In a a few minutes up the mountain, the view of Chamonix was birdseye! Rickey ended up doing a 2 hour 45 min run above tree line and back. That is like hell and back, but the other direction.

The hightlight of the day was the dinner. We met a brit named Pete and combined food to make a fabulous meal of pasta with multi-veggie sauce. The French wines were aflowing as well.

We talked, drank, ate chocolat with liquor of genepi, star gazed and made some great friends.

That consists of a lazy day in Chamonix. Wait until you hear about the eventful day!


P.S. That is a Cuban cigar in mi mano. I didn´t inhale!

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CrystalBethy said...

Well I'm glad you didn't inhale because you aren't supposed to inhale cigars silly Pete. Otherwise they screw with your throat and lungs more than cigarettes do. Take it from a smoker. You guys look like you're having a good time though. Jealousy!
Can't wait till you both are back. (Nora, even though I haven't met you I already enjoy you dearly) Keep on traversing about drunkenly. Only way to go!