Monday, September 10, 2007

Foggy London Towne

Brilliant! We have made it to the other side of the pond. After a pleasant flight aboard Air India (grand curry) we arrived early in the morning, 2 am our time, 8 am london time. Though after four time zones in the last month I guess it does not really matter after a while. We promptly went to the hostel near St. Pauls and took a nice napper on the couch. Peter had to force me to get up and actually spend some time walking around the city. I'm glad that he did. We browsed the Dalis and Picassos at the Tate, cheered on the fish mongers at the hay galleria, walkled across the mellinium bridge and the tower bridge, we strolled past the globe and gave Will some pointers on a play, enjoyed a picnic and a shandy on the Thames River (one for dinner as well with pint cans of John Smiths). Today we saw Big Ben again and again, Griswald style, had a picnic in Picadilly Circus that consisted of food stolen from the hostel breakfast, things are really the opposite of cheap here. We are looking now for flights/ferrys to Amsterdam. Enjoy and keep in mind that we had a pint for you!


Lauren said...

So happy you're "doing" Europe. Keep the blog postings coming!! p.s. Who is Peter?

TimBlane said...

Also, who is this "Nora" character?
Only joking. I'm like 38% sure I know who she is.
Hope you guys are having fun. Don't forget to pour a guinness on some English folks just to remind them that Ireland is always watching.