Friday, December 28, 2007


The acronym "FTM" came from a journal that we found in at the No Name Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia. A British fellow (name kept anonymous, although there are probably 7 million James' in the world), who had studiously written three entries into his journal before losing it at the hostel, wrote an FTM for each day of entries. One of his FTMs talked of his encouter with large amounts of vodka and a late night and attempting to visit the loo at 5:30 a.m. through a door-sized mirror in the hostel. It seemed to be his advice to others (or to remind himself) NOT to try to walk through mirrors in the early morning hours after drinking too much vodka. So the acronyn could possibly mean For The Masses. Whatever it means, we have kept daily FTM's in memeory of the Brit attmepting to walk through walls and his own reflection, in the form of quotes, epiphanies or complete nonsense.

So, for your own sake, keep updated on the FTM's!

FTM #1: "Thank you for existing!"
-Filipe, saying to himself about the waitress at the French Bar

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