Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beach House

Downtown Dahab, one of the many restaurants on the "strip"

While in Dahab, we decided to upgrade our housing. We moved out of the three dollar a day hut. The thin foam "mattress" on the concrete slab is really only quaint for a short while. We moved down the strip, our friend Brian called it the 'burbs since it was a good 10 min walk, everything else in Dahab is usually under 5 min. Sunsplash hotel was our new home.

Our beach cabin, the water is 15 meters to the left

It has been updated over the years but two of the original funky cabins are still standing and facing the water. It was a bit pricier, 6 dollars a day...but we had a loft a real mattress, a small table and a mouse who liked to eat my chocolate covered cookies at 3 am.
View of sunsplah hotel from the roof deck, our cabin is to the right of this picture

We fell asleep every night to the wind and the waves and woke every morning to amazing sunrises. It was our first, and possibly, only beach house.

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