Thursday, October 4, 2007

What's for dinner?

As most of you know I don't eat red meat. When this is first explained to someone I will get the inevitable response "Well do you eat pork since it is the other white meat?". Annoying. So I have been editing my response to my dietary choice as "I don't eat mammals" or "I eat things with three legs or less" since chickens, turkeys have 2 legs and fish and tofu come in at 0 legs(though I have not yet made a ruling on 3 legged cats and such).
In Norway, at the Rimi 1000, I was faced with a conundrum; Whale. Or as it will now be referred to, Beluga. We were assured by our Norwegian friends that this beluga in the freezer section was not the happy beluga we donated our pennies to in school during "save the whale" campaigns. So the dilemma I faced was not one related to Greenpeace, I simply did not know if I ate whale! It is a mammal, but it falls into the no legged sea creature category...Well when in Norway...
Tejre, Peter, Christer, Alec

We had a feast our last night in town. We were joined by Christer, another fine Norseman who only solidifed our love for the people here. He is a kind and curious soul who loved to share stories and ideas with us. One of the main courses was the aforementioned Beluga. I can say that it does not taste like chicken or warm apple pie. It was more like a very tough red meat with a fishy aftertaste. I would not want it everyday, but I am glad that we tried it at least.
We also tasted some fine Laphoriag Scotch which had a peaty smoky taste. An excellent choice for those of you interested. The digestion was aided by a fine Cuban cigar,

Turkish pebber shots,

and lots of laughter that lasted long into the cold night.

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