Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beware of the Book Fair

Frankfurt is home to the largest book fair in the world. We were made aware of this when we woke up and the hostel breakfast was the most amazing spread we have seen in a long time. The Frankfurt Hostel was full up with book fair people as we began to call them, we were told that there were a few more beds available, but the price was twice as much. This did not settle well with us, so we went off to find other accommodation. Well we actually went out to recycle and figure out a plan. We found another hostel where we could stay on a mattress on the floor in a converted conference room for 13.50 euro a night. Sign us up!
The day was spent writing and napping next to the river. The plan for Prague is hatched over a traditional bratwurst and frites lunch at a farmers market. Over the German meat we decided to take the Eruolines bus to Prague then next day since tickets were only 58 euro. Back to the hostel to get our things...or so we think.
We end up talking and making fast friends with a Kiwi, Kiran. One thing leads to another and soon we are having a party in the lobby. We are joined by an San Fransisco girl Tiffany who was celebrating her last night in Europe. We met many friendly folks that night. We had fun guessing which guests checking in were "book fair people". There is a stark difference between the normal backpacker strapped down with all their worldly belongings on their over worked back, usually wearing some hardy shoes and some sort of wool product. Verses the "book fair person" wheelie bag, tweed, cap, glasses...you get the picture. I think that our rowdy group managed to scare a few of the worms though.
We left the Frankfurt Hostel went across the river to our beds on the floor, and dreamt of Prague.

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